Hotel & Accommodation Facilities

The business world is increasingly becoming competitive and businesses that do not differentiate themselves end up failing. The same can be said for the hotel and restaurant industry given that it is possible to achieve the same standards when it comes to food, facilities and customer service. One of the greatest differentiators for hotels is the location and the incorporation of unique services in the hotel.

gatwick hotel and parking 

Parking is usually a big issue for people who like to drive themselves to the airport. However, in Gatwick, you can book an inclusive hotel rate that caters for your parking or pay for the parking independently. The former is usually more pocket friendly and therefore preferred. The hotels then offer transfer services, which usually take a few minutes, to the airport or preferred terminus. This ensures that you leave your vehicle in a safe environment and get to drive back home after the trip. It is cost effective and beneficial for those who are travelling with children or people who may have special needs.

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Art and book galleries

If you love art or books there are hotels that have unique and diverse art and book galleries for you to sample. They may even have guides to ensure that you do not get lost as you sample and experience their art or book collection in any of the galleries. While this is not common, it is a sure way to differentiate a hotel in any city. However, it requires heavy investment in different artistic pieces, special galleries to prevent loss and slow down the wear and tear process and experienced people who can explain the art to hotel guests.

Music and cinemas

Although most hotels have music in their rooms and restaurants, they can go a notch higher and give music lovers the chance to experience music in a different and unique way. This may be through incorporating a studio complete with all musical instruments where people can play and have fun. In addition, they can also have a cinema that screens movies from different parts of the world. This not only gives guests a chance to watch their best movies but also to keep coming back to experience more.

Pet Concierge services

Some luxurious hotels ensure that your pets are well taken care of, in case you have to travel and cannot take them with you. This is especially popular for dogs where they are fed, watered, walked and in some cases, cuddled in your absence. They also get quality play time and may even get to play with other dogs. This ensures that your dog does not feel lonely in your absence.

Differentiators come in different shapes and sizes. The specific hotel should analyse and recognise what works for them and their clients and pursue it. Differentiation is the easiest way to win in a highly competitive market.